Rocky Mountain Hard Rock Flooring


What is Hard Rock Flooring and where can it be used?
Hard Rock Flooring is a combination of natural stones or marbles blended with our highest quality epoxy. This product can be used to cover almost any surface, it is used to repair and protect the even the most uneven of existing surfaces, creating a beautiful and unique look. It can be used around pool decks, patios, steps, driveways, basements, laundry rooms, warehouses, garages.

What are the benefits of Hard Rock Flooring?
Hard Rock Flooring has many benefits, aside from simply protecting and repairing, our product will transform any room. Our product is a porous product, which eliminates standing water or puddling. Hard Rock Flooring allows the water to pass through the system and follow the drainage of the existing surface, if no drainage is available, we can create drainage for you.

Why Hard Rock Flooring?
Not only is this product less costly than Tile, Laminates and Stained concrete, it is also less maintenance. Hard Rock Flooring is a one-time solution. No more spending money on re-carpeting, re-tiling, re-painting. Hard Rock Flooring eliminates the need for tear out also, we can apply it directly over the existing surface.

What is the maintenance?
Depending on how much exposure to the elements and foot traffic, we recommend your Hard Rock Flooring be maintained outdoors every 3 years, indoors every 5 years. We clean off the surface and then we reseal it with a fresh coat of epoxy.

How long does installation take?
On average our installation time is usually 3 to 5 days from start to finish. You should stay off the floor for another 2 days before walking or setting heavy object on the floor.